iPersonalyze is a boutique Web-to-Print developer and integrator of print on demand, branded and personalized products for Shopify, WooCommerce and other ecommerce storefronts


....is about PEOPLE, their emotions, images, names, families, friends, relationships....and even their furry friends with a sense of humor

iPersonalyze believes in 1:1 marketing strategies featuring unique products with strong emotional triggers and high touch designs creating emotional rewards that customers bond with and buy to share with friends and family

Mass Customization has matured into Mass Personalization.  We adopted this concept from none other than Coca Cola, one of our clients with their Share A Coke apparel promotion. Coke was one of the first major brands to embrace mass customization. They were also one of the first to  notice that " customization" was about product configuration and that they were into "personalization" which is about people and their emotions, needs and lifestyles.

Lower the cost per impression. There is no question that personalization makes for strong impressions.  Everyone loves seeing their name, image or favorite pet on quality products.  If you are in the promotional products business you job is to create impressions for your clients and lower the cost per impression for each dollar they have in their budget by sourcing new cool products.  By adding personalization to products the end user will keep the product longer, look at it more frequently and exponentially increase the number of impressions.  If you sell personalized gifts the same magic happens when you allow your customers to create a personalized gift that tells their story and expresses their emotions. 

Sustainability: We are on a mission to do whatever we can to help accelerate the growth of digital printing.  Why?   Because digital printing is more sustainable, enables one off printing, creates more impressions and enables corporate programs with no inventory liability.   Digital printing also enables the adoption of true one to one marketing strategies and can help us make a contribution to eliminating "trinkets and trash", most of which is single use plastic ending up in our oceans.

iPersonalyze believes in One to One Marketing Strategies that feature unique products with strong high emotional triggers

We believe that on demand products with personalization are far more effective in generating "impressions".   We also believe that the adoption of personalized products by event planners would be a significant step forward in the reduction of "single use plastic" aka "trinkets and trash" .  Everyone know the swag bags of trinkets and trash roughly half end up in the dumpster.  What a waste!  The more sustainable option is for event planners to personalize their giveaways using variable data printing.  Higher perceived values and products that simply are not thrown away because they are better is smart and sustainable.

Our personalized products can be sold individually as a Smartlink virtually anywhere in social media, or on ecommerce sites such Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Magento.

Since 2011, iPersonalyze has grown to become a logistical SAAS and PAAS software company.   Our innovative digital tools  enable on demand production and personalization of promotional product and personal gifts.. We also giveback to our communities by sharing our personalization expertise with startups and entrepeneurs entering the DIY, "makers movement:" world of digital printing.  Our personalization apps  and 1:1 marketing strategies utilize social media, new digital decoration techniques and analytics to create, sell and shop for on demand and  personalized products.  

The internet has changed every industry!   

Production technology has shifed from the old analog to the new digital processes..  This paradigm shift we realized early on would be difficult for these industries that tend to be underserved in general by new technology.  Often such industries, particularily the promotional products industry will be 10 to 15 years behind.  Even today as many industries like movies, TV and online media have shifted to digital almost completely, other industries have been slow to understand and embrace the future rapidly coming towards them.  The printing and decorating industries were recently reported to be only 22% digital.  Clearly we have a long ways to go in this transformation and just as clearly this change creates winners and losers.  We are a community of personalization believers and we seek to enable and teach new marketing and production partners how they can best create personalized products that sell.  We consult with and help corporations and nonprofits monetize their Facebook Fan pages by integrating our technologies into Facebook Fan pages and showing them how to market inexpensively.

As online platforms multiply with the growth of online sales, we have become Shopify and BigCommerce Partner and integrate our personalization apps into existing site and give thse merchants acces to  drop ship suppliers who have been tightly integrated into the iPersonalyze Network. 

Need personalized products for an event?  Would you like to add personalized products to your current store?  Contact us at support@ipersonalyze.com

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