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Our Story


We create Smartlinks* for product personalization in Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, etc

Online merchants dropship our products OR we create Smartlinks for their products


Smartlinks use live dynamic imaging so customers see and design what they want

Here is one    http://legacy.custom-gateway.net/acp/app/?l=acp2#p=1456231&r=2d-canvas


What is Your Story? 


Shopify Merchant  |  Promotional Distributor  |  Event Planner  |  Product Decorator  |   Startup Entrepeneur  |  Designer  |  Consumer


                                                            how we sell personalization                                 the coolest Shopify app ever                               our environmental cause                                               how we give back

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Sublimation Training 

What Our Clients Say

"iPersonalyze has enabled me to easily bring my decorating business online, allowing me to offer more products to more customers. The online design tool is by far the best I've seen and my customers appreciate being able to design their product exactly the way they want, ultimately saving me time and money! It's a win-win solution that I highly recommend!"

--Greg Peterson, Details Mean A Lot