Install our Personalyze-iT plugin on your Magento eCommerce website to integrate with our custom product platform. There is a separate plugin that can be used to import products downloaded from our Customization Platform.

Once you have installed the Personalyze-iT extension, you will need to perform the following tasks to get your website up and running.


    1. Go to System > Configuration > General
    2. On the G3D Personalize-iT Supplier Link settings, add your API Path ( and API Key that will have been supplied when you placed your order.
    3. If you are going to use the Product Selector you will also need to complete the G3D Personalise-iT Product Selector Settings. The URLs you need should have been supplied with your order.
    4. Next you will need to add the products to your website that you would like to sell - if you are using the Personalization App against each product then you will need to add the unique URL from the product management section of
    5. The easiest way to get products uploaded to your Magento website is to select a category in your Product Management system and choose - export to Personalyze-iT CSV - this will create a csv file ready to import into Magento