Great content and design sells!  Product templates control all graphical elements and are applied to the products.  Your products can be as creative as you want since you decide where images and texts are located on products.  Templates can be set up with multiple images as in the example of a charm bracelet that would have 6 images and consequentially 6 areas where text could be placed.  Font colors and placement are totally under your control.

Clients will appreciate the extra value of your products, the exponential increase in impressions and the lower cost per impression dollar.  Your business will grow along with your reputation as a personalization expert able to offer them thoughtful and relevant personalized and branded products.  Your Personalized products will be the ones clients keep and pass around for years and years. Now you can raise the bar and sell huge promotional value to your clients.   Make your clients loyal customers who feel good about your new one-to-one marketing strategy and their new company logoed products that are now also personalized, cherished and remembered.