Terms and Conditions

Distributor Subscription License

By signing up through the provided link and providing credit card information the Client hereby accepts these terms and conditions and software license. The Client understands that setup fees have been waived and that a upfront charge of $1500 is for a one year subscription. After one year the Client agrees to pay the current rate on a month to month basis. After one year either party can cancel with 30 days’ notice. Client agrees to keep updated the Clients’ credit card in our secure and private third party subscription system. This system will protect the Clients’ privacy and security and will also enable iPersonalyze to collect a monthly transaction fee of 2.5% of the prior month’s total retail sales processed through the iPersonalyze Network. (this does not include taxes, shipping or any other client fees).

Statement of Work

iPersonalyze Responsibilities

iPersonalyze will integrate, support and maintain our technology including Print on Demand (POD) and/or Personalized product online designer and order management system into a Client’s pre-existing Shopify ecommerce site. After launch on an ongoing basis iPersonalyze will provide support and maintenance as requested or agreed on any additional products needing to be installed into the iPersonalyze Network.

Client Responsibilities

  • Credentials: Client will provide the Shopify Store credentials and any other credentials requested by the iPersonalyze Team for access to client systems we need to modified or access.
  • Product Information: The Client is responsible for the products they sell. To insure a smooth installation the Client will complete our product spreadsheet detailing all product information we need to successfully install the client’s product in our system.       Upon receipt of this information the iPersonalyze Team will create, integrate and test the client’s product specification.   The spreadsheet will be sent to Client upon acceptance of this agreement.
  • Point of Contact: Client is responsible for providing iPersonalyze a designated individual to be a single point of contact as the client’s representative. This individual should have a thorough understanding of the client’s business requirements and technical environment, and will be authorized to make binding decisions on Client’s behalf. This client representative should have reasonable availability to resolve a service related incident or request. Client understands that any delays in providing this information may cause a delay in the delivery of the website to Client.
  • Support Tickets: Client agrees after launch to send requests for routine support and maintenance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that any issues are logged in and documented in the iPersonalyze Zendesk support system. This system will prevent miscommunication and insure that all routine requests are addressed in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week and resolved on a timely basis. The iPersonalyze Team takes pride in our client services.

Support and Service Availability Times

All development services will be performed remotely and generally between Monday-Friday, (excluding national holidays,) during normal business hours.. For support and maintenance the iPersonalyze Team will respond within 24 hours and  7 days a week to resolve any client issues.