Education & Lean Training for Startups

It sad, but true!   Over 80% of all new digital printing startups will fail and lose time, money and even their self respect.   


Don't go into digital printing BACKWARDS!


                                                 Learn To Sell First!.....Before You Learn To Print!


Why would you spend thousands of dollars on printers and load up on blank products you think you can sell.... only to find out your product idea is not going to work?  Not to mention the waste of time and effort you put in to learn print. Add that to the efffort to build and learn how to operate a yourself...and do bookwork too!


Our Lean Training eliminates uncertainities and will teach you step by step exactly what you should do next to become a successful digital printer or marketer.                                    

Our Lean Digital Printer Course is based our years of hands on experience building our own brands and business and helping entrepeneurs and marketers just like yourself, build over 500 ecommerce sites on Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce.


  • STEP ONE:   We use print ready artwork and virtual samples to learn and test if your big product idea will sell ...or be ignored!  (it happens)
  • Sublimation Website Overview - the good the bad and the ugly.
  • Personalized Product Templates and Designs Overview -
  • eCommerce Options  for Digital printers: We take a fair and balanced look at Etsy, DecoNetwork, Inksoft and all the others and discuss the pros and cons.
  • We walk your through our stores to help you understand what you really need to know so you don't have to figure it all out on your own. W
  • Using social media to promote and sell
  • And much more!

All training is recorded so you can watch and listen later. Learn how you can capitalize on the mass personalization digital tsunami transforming the Gifting and Promotional Products Industries RIGHT NOW!

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What Our Customers Say...

"iPersonalyze has enabled me to easily bring my decorating business online, allowing me to offer more products to more customers. The online design tool is by far the best I've seen and my customers appreciate being able to design their product exactly the way they want, ultimately saving me time and money! It's a win-win solution that I highly recommend!"

--Greg Peterson, Details Mean A Lot

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