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At iPersonalyze we understand the challenges distributors face from emerging online retailers. It is extremely difficult to compete on price against internet-based companies when everyone has access to the same product.  How do you differentiate yourself? Now distributors can respond to the online challenge by adding a new level of value to their clients with the addition of personalization to branded promotional products.  Adding personalization creates higher perceived values and delivers exponentially more impressions than simple, ordinary branded products.  Personalized and branded products represent a paradigm shift in expectations that smart distributors are starting to take advantage of.  You should, too, to stay competitive with a changing dynamic market.  Over the last 5 years we have created one-to-one marketing strategies for dand the logistical software to implement personalization.  We knew the you have the software.

1:1 Strategies

1:1 Strategy:  Websites & Facebook Apps

Our eCommerce Manager provides the distributor with Company Stores that can be set up in days, not weeks, which feature our Best in Class online design tool for personalization of promotional products.  Sell branded, branded and personalized, predesigned or customized, on demand or inventoried products in our Quikload.

1:1 Strategy:  Bulk Special Order Personalization

Our iPersonalyze Bulk Special Order tool allows distributors to sell large bulk orders of personalized and branded products.  Using our proprietary technology, each product in the order can have a different name or image in addition to a brand or logo.  Perceived values soar with personalized and branded products and no longer will the distributor be accused of selling "trinkets and trash."

1:1 Strategy:  Personalization Supplier Network

Our Network of personalization suppliers represent the experts in their respective digital arenas.  Distributors can count on iPersonalyze to only integrate and establish network relationships with the best experts. Our suppliers meet our rigid requirements for rapid, on-demand personalization and help us to continually develop our personalization community by working to develop more efficient personalization technologies and strategies.

1:1 Strategy:  Digital Services

For select situations, iPersonalyze will provide AutoPay services, eliminating receivables and payables for participating iPersonalyze members.  Participating members meet standards that ensure a seamless payment. We can also create custom product templates and 3D models.

1:1 Strategy:  Personalyze-iT Online Designer

We searched the world over in order to get the best online design tool for the markets we serve.  There are many options but we are confident we are bringing you the Best in Class online designer built for your business.

3D Designer Demo

Live Demo - Design a 3D Pen Now!

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What Our Customers Say...

"iPersonalyze has enabled me to easily bring my decorating business online, allowing me to offer more products to more customers. The online design tool is by far the best I've seen and my customers appreciate being able to design their product exactly the way they want, ultimately saving me time and money! It's a win-win solution that I highly recommend!"

--Greg Peterson, Details Mean A Lot

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