Blank Product supply partners are companies that specialize in providing blank products and supplies to allow decorators and printers to manufacture the personalized products created with our software. We work with numerous suppliers who not only use our website personalization apps on their websites but also make the same product URLs available to their distributors and dealers for their websites. 

Product suppliers also can offer our eCommerce Manager Websites to their dealers and distributors.  This gives them a website and a Facebook app preloaded with the suppliers' products so that client programs can be easily set up in one day and ready for special events or last minute rush job.  Additionally if they choose to do so suppliers can make their products available to growing iPersonalyze Network of distributors who look for and need new product options.  Everyone can win when we connect with each other in the iPersonalyze Network.


iPersonalyze eCommerce Platform Integrations             

What Our Customers Say...

"Looks real good on my phone. I have been busy all day. I had hoped to take some pictures of some of my samples I have but had computer issues yesterday and will be gone most of tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this together finally. Still thinking on Memorial items and adding decals with it since I can do those to (memorial decals).  Thank you so much."

"This is one thing I love about your site and you is the excellent service you have and willingness to listen to our thoughts and opinions and helping us. Thanks again and I will be getting the pictures together hopefully this week if I can get good ones.

Love it so far" -- Diana Church

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