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ACP LayoutWhile we have some pre-built integrations, iPersonalyze provides a JSON RESTful API toolset for custom integrations that enable you to embed our Personalyze-iT Apps into any eCommerce platform. All of our Personalyze-iT personalization apps can be embedded into your site using an iFrame.

A recommended approach is adding an iFrame URL field into each product on your site. The URL field can then be used to contain a URL to a Personalyze-iT personalization app for that product.

Detailed below is an overview of how the Personalyze-iT product personalization app works and integrates with your ecommerce website.

Personalyze It Overview

    1. eCommerce Website - to enable the display and selection of products
    2. Personalyze-iT App iFrame - embedded on the product detail page of the eCommerce Website it also handles the add to cart command
    3. Personalyze-iT Callback URL - when the Add to Cart button is clicked, product details are published on the callback page that can then be transferred to the ecommerce website shopping basket
    4. Shopping Basket - part of the eCommerce website that also needs to confirm to the Order Manager when an order has been paid
    5. Payment Service Provider - integrated with the shopping cart to take payment for the order
    6. Print Manager - stores artwork components from the iPersonalyze-iT App and generates artwork for fulfiller when told by the Order Manager order has been paid for
    7. Order Manager - receives order from website, gets artwork from print manager and distributes orders to fulfillers. Also updates website when orders dispatched by fulfillers
    8. Fulfilment House - print / produce order and send to customers - updates order manager when dispatched


Integration is enabled via either

      • Personalyze-iT API -
      • Order-iT API - enables orders to be passed to order manager
      • Supplier Link API - enables fulfillers to collect orders from order manager
      • Magento Personalyze-iT Extension - performs all of the above in Magento
      • WooCommerce Plugin - performs all of the above in WooCommerce
      • Shopify Plugin - performs all of the above in Shopify

iPersonalyze eCommerce Platform Integrations             

What Our Customers Say...

"Looks real good on my phone. I have been busy all day. I had hoped to take some pictures of some of my samples I have but had computer issues yesterday and will be gone most of tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this together finally. Still thinking on Memorial items and adding decals with it since I can do those to (memorial decals).  Thank you so much."

"This is one thing I love about your site and you is the excellent service you have and willingness to listen to our thoughts and opinions and helping us. Thanks again and I will be getting the pictures together hopefully this week if I can get good ones.

Love it so far" -- Diana Church

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