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!We are not sure why, but iPersonalyze does this better than anyone elsei  Personalyze can add your store directly to your Facebook page as a Facebook app. Why is this better?  Well normally other developers just have you add a "call to action" button or "Shop Now" button that when clicked takes the user away from Facebook to you store.  Not iPersonalye!  We have you add your Facebook app store URL to the Shop Now button and guess what!  Your store pops up right there inside your Facebook Fan page without leaving Facebook at all.  Facebook likes this and when you do an ad or boosted post our tests show you get a lot more bang for your advertising buck because you are staying inside the Facebook ecosystem.  It simply is more efficient and less expensive than doing it the way other ecommerce platforms do.

When you sign up for eCommerce Manager, we create an app for each of your stores so that all you have to do is place on your Facebook pages. Use our eCommerce Manager to add multiple stores for schools, non-profits and corporate branding programs.  Easily place these stores as a Facebook App on any Facebook page you administer. This gives you the ultimate marketing tool for your business.

If you purchase Personalyze-iT for integrating with your own website, you can still create a Facebook App for a store or an individual product.

Our Personalyze-iT design tool and Order Management System can be embeded as an iframe customizable product URLs into virtually any website using our API.  The user experience is straightforward and your customer can easily personalize their own products right inside your existing store. You can set up custom product templates for each product.  Hundreds of websites all around the world use this next generation personalization app to let customers create realistic on-screen previews of personalized products.  Add unique 3D products to your offering on select products.  Your customers will be amazed at the state of the art display.

Love your Shopify Store or do you

need a new Shopify store with

print on demand and personalized products?

The iPersonalyze Shopify app will enable full integration of any Shopify store with our personalization software. Just configure and add product app URLs to your products within the store administrator panel. We have the interface you need to take your Shopify store to the next level with personalized products.

Send orders automatically to your own production or to a drop ship supplier in the iPersonalyze Network.

You Build it or
You Have Existing Store
       $99/per month
Custom Home Page Graphic
Live Preview Imaging
Auto Creation of Production Ready Artwork
Training & Webinars
Superb 24/7 Email Support
FREE iPersonalyze Marketplace Account
Transaction Fee 99 cent
Include 100 FREE with this membership
Custom Shopify Online Store
Starts at $2,500
call for custom quote
Custom Home Page Graphic
Live Preview Imaging
Auto Creation of Production Ready Artwork
Superb 24/7 Email Support
FREE iPersonalyze Marketplace Account


Install our Personalyze-iT plugin on your Magento eCommerce website to integrate with our custom product platform. There is a separate plugin that can be used to import products downloaded from our Customization Platform.

Once you have installed the Personalyze-iT extension, you will need to perform the following tasks to get your website up and running.

This Word Press Plugin supports both Jigoshop and WooCommerce Shopping Carts and is developed by a third party partner. We have the API and simple interface you need to integrate personalized products into your WordPress store.

Once installed, this plugin will enable full integration with our Personalyze-iT product personalization app.

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Love Your Big Commerce Store?

Want to launch a Big Commerce store for your personalization business?


The iPersonalyze Big Commerce Personalyze-iT App will enable full integration of any Big Commerce store with our personalization software. We have the interface you need to take your Big Commerce store to the next level with personalized products. .

Send your orders to your own production or a fulfillment supplier.

ACP LayoutWhile we have some pre-built integrations, iPersonalyze provides a JSON RESTful API toolset for custom integrations that enable you to embed our Personalyze-iT Apps into any eCommerce platform. All of our Personalyze-iT personalization apps can be embedded into your site using an iFrame.

A recommended approach is adding an iFrame URL field into each product on your site. The URL field can then be used to contain a URL to a Personalyze-iT personalization app for that product.

iPersonalyze can give your customers the capability of pulling from a number of image galleries to customize products or you can limit them to a specific image or set of images for a product.

Our personalization tools allow pulling images from sources such as:

    • Your own computer
    • Stock Clipart
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Google+
    • Flickr
    • Custom galleries

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