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Designer + Facebook = More Sales > Cost

At iPersonalyze we understand the cost pressures decorators face.  How do you simplify sampling and reduce your costs? Now decorators can save time and money by letting the customer design their own products.   Research has proven that enabling the customer to create and approve their own images results in up to 60% more sales, ultimately saving you time and money. A website with iPersonalyze can be integrated into Facebook as a Facebook app for inexpensive marketing using boosted posts.  

1:1 Stategies

1:1 Strategy:   eCommerce Manager Websites & Facebook Apps

Our eCommerce Manager provides decorators with Stores that can be set up in days, not weeks and feature our best in class online design tool for easy customer use.  Sell anything you want from branded, branded and personalized, predesigned or customized, on demand or inventoried products.

1:1 Strategy:   Special Order Personalization

Our iPersonalyze Special Order (SO) tool allows decorators to sell large, bulk orders of personalized products.  Using our proprietary technology, each product in the order can have a different name or image in addition to a brand or logo.  Lets us help you save time and money.

1:1 Strategy:   The iPersonalyze Supplier Network

Our Network of personalization suppliers represent the experts in their respective digital arenas.  Decorators can count on iPersonalyze to only integrate and establish network relationships with the best experts who can meet our rigid requirements for rapid, on-demand personalization and help us to continually develop our personalization community by working to develop more efficient personalization technologies and strategies.

1:1 Strategy:   Virtual Sample Proofing Tool

Whether you need a tool to create a mock up for your client, or want to add something to your website to allow your clients to be creative, our solutions will help you usave time and money.

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