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At iPersonalyze we believe one to one marketing strategies are simply the best way to advertise ....period.

New digital print on demand technologies has enabled one to one marketing strategies to be in demand and to grow exponentially in the retail, gifting and promotional products industries.

One to one strategies simply bring your brand directly to the customer one to one. From our simple eCommerce Manager we can have a store ready for launch in less than a day.   Our solutions can be embedded in your own web strategy so we can give you a product personalization solution that is best in class.

We know what works and what does not.  We have climbed the learning curve on mass personalization.

Now you don't have to.


Whether you are a digital decorator or a distributor, you can take advantage of our dropship fulfillment solutions.  Decorators can plug into our network to offer their products and services to a variety of distributors and distributors can choose from a network of print on demand and personalization suppliers.

Using our personalization applications you can customize any product you want and add the app to almost any website or social media platform. To make life easier for you, we have also worked with partners to develop extensions or plugins so you have no additional programming to do and can plug and play our technology on a variety of popular platforms.

iPersonalyze offers a range of professional services to enhance your business, build your product portfolio, and expand your market reach. 

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What Our Customers Say...

"Looks real good on my phone. I have been busy all day. I had hoped to take some pictures of some of my samples I have but had computer issues yesterday and will be gone most of tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this together finally. Still thinking on Memorial items and adding decals with it since I can do those to (memorial decals).  Thank you so much."

"This is one thing I love about your site and you is the excellent service you have and willingness to listen to our thoughts and opinions and helping us. Thanks again and I will be getting the pictures together hopefully this week if I can get good ones.

Love it so far" -- Diana Church

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