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Online Retailers with established websites and great SEO can use our Personallyze-iT app to enable customers to create personalized products online. Our Personalyze-iT app lets their products now be personalized by using our iFrame technology URL that can be embedded using our full API easily on any website.  Studies have show that customers will close their online purchase over 60% more when they have the simple and easy tools needed to personalize products the way the want.  Personalization is the trend of the future as the "internet of things" yields to the "internet of me" with the next generation of mobile and social media savvy consumers.

SAVE ARTWORK TIME:  How?  By letting the customer design their custom products online quickly and easily.

MAKE MORE SALES!  That is what it is all about and there is no question that 2D and 3D products that can be personalized online increase sales by over 60%!  Research has clearly shown that when customers can be creative and design a product that they tend to emotionally bond with that creation.  They bond with it and order more.


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