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Promotional products distributors and marketers have their choice of ways to work with the iPersonalyze Network.  For simple websites featuring personalized and branded products our eCommerce Manager offers personalization through standard websites which can be set up quickly for events or fund raisers.  These stores can be quickly used for "collect and run" special order situations where distributors are wanting to offer branded and personalized products.

Proofing & Virtual Sample Tool

Built  into your store is our Virtual Sample Tool that allows distributors to quickly and easily create an email with a realistic sample of a personalized product.  This product can then be easily ordered by the customer because in the same email we include an ADD TO CART button that will take the customer to the shopping cart on the eCommerce website setup by the distributor.  Slick and very cool.

For Existing Company Stores wanting to add POD and Personalization

If you already have a program or established Company stores for a client, iPersonalyze can integrate print on demand and personalized products into an existing website using embedded personalization urls with our Personalyze-iT tool. We work in all kinds of platforms.

iPersonalyze eCommerce Platform Integrations



For distributors of any size iPersonalyze offers our unique and industry changing iPersonalyze Special Order tool that allows distributors to sell branded and personalized products for special events.  This groundbreaking personalization tool creates the unique images needed for whatever quantity of personalized and branded products needed for a special event.

iPersonalyze eCommerce Platform Integrations             

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