Whenever we look at the general eCommerce statistics for abandoned carts we are always surprised how high they are. The good news is that, on average, the figure is generally quite a lot lower with personalized products. We think this mainly because people are invested and have a sense of ownership after adding all their details to a product and are, therefore, less likely to abandon the sale.

Within the latest version of the Gateway Order Management System (OMS), a really useful report called “Conversion Rates” helps you understand how many people start customizing a product but do not check out. On average, this is around 50% rather than the 75% quoted in the figures shown below (which primarily pertain to non-customized products).


As more people use mobile devices to purchase, abandoned cart rates will continue to increase, so it is critical that all the key factors listed below are considered when creating on choosing your customizable products configurator.

Why do customers abandon cart

With personalized products, there are some additional reasons why shoppers might abandon the cart in addition to traditional issues. Those reasons generally focus on the tools used to customize the products (obviously we think our designer layouts are among the best).

  • Lack of preview: Customers are more engaged when they can see what they are buying with a live dynamic preview
  • Configuration too complex or confusing to use: If customers find designing their personalized product too difficult or confusing, they may just give up.
  • Preview does not work on mobile: Any customization tools have to work on mobile devices in today's market as more and more purchases are made from mobile platforms.  If your tools don't work on mobile, expect abandoned cart rates to increase.
  • Lack of help tools: Customers sometimes just need more help to create complex custom products and need some guidance.

Most ecommerce platforms now offer some standard tools for identifying abandoned carts. This makes it easier to send an automated email to remind your prospective customer that they left their purchase incomplete.

At the average abandoned cart rate at 75% for non-personalized products, converting your abandoned carts into orders is a critical part of your success.

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Vic Awtry
Author: Vic Awtry
Founder & CEO of iPersonalyze Network
Founder & CEO of iPersonalyze Network and expert in on demand and personalized products. Based in Texas, proponent for iPersonalyze's cloud-based platform for quick deployment of personalized promotional programs that "bridge the gap" between the social media and the promotional products industry.

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